Masterchef Champion Keri Moss

I am so excited to share these images taken a few weeks ago when the lovely Keri Moss popped into the studio for a few headshots. Keri, winner of Masterchef the Professionals 2012 is a familiar face on our television screens and in our newspapers these days – it’s not often I have a Masterchef Champion in the studio and I was (just a little) bit over the moon and delighted.

Portrait Inspiration: You are Beautiful and Amazing!

Portrait inspiration – where do I find it? When I am inspired, I am bouncing with enthusiasm and positivity – my friends find it is infectious and if they hang around long enough they will be roped in to collaborate. My emotional inspiration – the reason I take portraits, remains consistent and is my raison d’ĂȘtre – I believe that you are beautiful and amazing – YOU (yes, ordinary you) are my portrait inspiration.